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Authentic. Alive. Abiding.
African American Couple

A Love Above

Do you long to feel more joyous, satisfied and engaged in life? Do you need greater calm and peace of mind?  Do you desire relationships that are more authentic, harmonious and lasting?  

I want to help you love your life and have loving relationships with others. I want to help you move beyond current challenges or painful experiences of the past to find a love above where you are, and even where you think you could have. 

My goal is to help you uncover your best and highest self, to live your most authentic and fullest life, and to develop the purest, richest relationships. By applying therapeutic methods that are grounded in the latest science and show clinical effectiveness, I will work with you to overcome recent difficulties as well as long-standing behaviors or percections that may be holdng you back from having the life and the relationships you want.

Please call  me for an individual or couple therapy consultation today.